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Episode 8: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph

The Inspiring Story of Heidi Low


Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Hello You Show! In today’s interview, we have the remarkable Heidi Low, founder of Ohana Oasis, a nonprofit organization that provides support and retreats for bereaved parents.

Heidi has an incredible story of grief, trauma, resilience, and overcoming that she will share with us today. From the depths of tragedy, Heidi found the courage to rebuild her life and create a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Join us as we delve into Heidi’s journey, her motivations, and her transformative work by helping others fulfill their purpose in a greater way through creating meaningful retreats as part of their business and personal journey. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted!

Connect with Heidi Low:

Instagram @heidichrisinalow Personal Website: Ohana Oasis:

Show Notes

  • Building a new life and not being defined by negative labels
  • Viewing the experience of everything falling apart as a gift Using growth-focused tools and resources rather than grief-focused ones
  • Spiritual belief and motivation to make big life changes
  • Importance of building trust and honoring oneself
  • Journey of personal growth, self-reflection, and pushing beyond comfort zones
  • Taking small, incremental steps towards goals and aligning with the desired path

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