Visionary Leader Series

Elevate your Leadership Presence & Authority

Discover the 5 keys to establishing your own brand of transformational leadership.

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December 11 -19th

9 PST  |  12 EST

Free, 9-day Virtual workshop for burned out leaders to reclaim their purpose and align with their mission and values.

Establish your personal brand of leadership and bring full focus on your career, passions, and mission while embracing your authentic leadership style – so that you can create the impact you desire in your work and life.

Reclaim your power

Learn the how to uncover your hidden genius and amplify your voice.

Including my Triple V Formula™ for aligning your life and career.

It’s time to answer the call and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Leverage your natural strengths and create your own authentic brand of leadership.

No more!

Feeling out of control or reactive.


Benefits owning your leadership brand…
  • Reclaim your voice with intentionality and purpose.
  • Create balance in your work and life.
  • Reenergize your passions.
  • Find meaning in your work.
  • Take control of your path.
  • Experience greater emotional control.
  • Increase your leadership impact.

Stay in the know…inside!

Participate via zoom and LIVE in our private Facebook group where you’ll participate virtually in this immersive experience. You’ll get instant access once you reserve your seat. 

Transformation Awaits!

Day 1 - capitalize your Strengths

Day 1 - Capitalize Your Strengths

Capitalize on your strengths. Today you will tap into your unique skills and determine which ones are your key contributors to success.

Day 2 - uncover your Genius

Day 2 - Uncover Your Genius

Uncovering your hidden genius. Today is all about discovering your unique value proposition and where you thrive in work and life.

Day 3 - Leverage your leadership

Day 3 - Leverage Your Leadership

Discover how to leverage your authentic leadership style and envision your big picture impact to create your future legacy. 

Day 4 - Identify your saboteurs

Day 4 - Identify Your Saboteurs

Identifying your saboteurs. Learn how to tap into your inner sage to prevent self-sabotage from creeping in and keeping you from success.

Day 5 - Amplify your voice

Day 5 - Amplify Your Voice

Amplify your voice. Today we will discuss how to empower your authentic voice to align with your unique value proposition and genuine leadership style.

Weekend Replay - Renew and energize your committment to self

Weekend - Renew and Energize

Catch up on replays and develop your brand mission and vision.


Day 6 - Aligning your presence

Day 6 - Aligning Your Presence

Amplify your voice. Today we will discuss how to empower your authentic voice to align with your unique value proposition and genuine leadership style.

Day 7 - Creating your path

Day 7 - Creating Your Path

Bringing it all together. The culmination of your brand presence and identifying your unique skills, expertise, passions, and leadership voice

  I’m here as Your

Support & Partner

Meet Jessica

High-Performance Success Coach
Host, Hello You Show

Jessica Rice is a certified ICF Coach, Author, and host of the Hello You Show focused on helping visionary leaders and entrepreneurs reach extraordinary goals. With over 15 years of corporate experience in Brand, UX, Engineering and Leadership, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching practice. Her clients have achieved remarkable results from discovering their golden path to scaling their leadership impact. Jessica provides tailored support and guidance to help breakthrough limitations, increase productivity, and lead with impact and authenticity. Jessica is passionate about helping women to rediscover their voices and be heard.

Brainz Magazine
Women Tech Network
Canvas Rebel
International Coaching Federation

Working with Jessica has instilled an awareness and a confidence in me that I didn’t even know I had!

My favorite thing working with Jessica has been her coaching style. She puts the client first by listening and asking good open-ended questions. She then takes that information and presents options for me to choose “how” I wish to execute my master game plan. This strategy has proven to be very effective for me as I have learned to be the driver of my own success.

Thank you Jessica!


Founder, The Graceful Athlete

Jessica is an amazing executive coach one could ever ask for. She has mentored me during my transitioning from an individual contributor to a new manager.

That was the most challenging year in my entire career, and Jessica’s help and guidance has brought mindset shifts, leadership transformations to me in many aspects. She is super resourceful, inspiring, encouraging and highly experienced in coaching future leaders. She has distilled confidence in me, and empowered me to find my natural strength and sustainable pace. With her help, I become much relaxed, happier and more successful in both work and life front.

It’s my great pleasure having Jessica as my coach and highly believe her capability to grow more and better leaders!


Tech Lead Manager

the Frequently asked Q's

Your burning questions answered so that you can make an informed decision on your future and your business.

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How do I access the calls?

The calls will be live via Zoom and Live Stream within the private group, as well as recordings.

Will there be other platforms to access material?

Event notifications, related materials, and recordings will be emailed to you, along with additional content within the private group.

Will I receive technical support?

We will do our best to assist with any technical issues related to the Zoom calls and group.

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Is Facebook required?

It isn't required to use Facebook, if you are okay with accessing Zoom or watching the recordings later.

How will I be notified of events?

There will be a Q&A call where you can ask questions via chat and have them answered.

How long will the content be available?

The group will be stay live for one week following the event to allow time to catch up on any missed calls.