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I’m Jessica. I’ve been where you are!

Are you struggling to grow your business authentically?

Hi there! I’m Jessica and I’m all about helping YOU unlock your greatest potential and create the life of your dreams! My passion is driven by the belief that everyone deserves to live the life they truly desire, regardless of their age or circumstances. That’s why I’m dedicated to supporting you with personalized guidance, compassionate coaching, and creative solutions.

Empowerment is the key to cultivating your greatest passions into creating your ultimate legacy.

My mission is to empower individuals like you to take charge of your life and reach your highest ambitions by discovering renewed passion for living. And my vision is simply this – to help YOU unleash your inner strength so you can live the most meaningful life possible! So let’s work together and make your wildest dreams a reality!

Jessica Xoxo

Jessica Rice

Jessica Rice, Coach/founder

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Turn your Business into a memorable brand

Are you ready to take your business and ideas to the next level? Brand strategy is more than creating a logo for your business, it is about creating a lasting impression on each potential client that your interact with for your product or service.

Brand Strategy

This was the plan to earn 6 figures way back when…

Go to University and get a degree in something you feel relatively inspired by, work your butt off, trade your precious time for dollars, sacrifice your personal life, fight your way to the top, and finally prove yourself enough to make six figures.

It sounds extreme, but that is the challenge many women face – including myself. There are various degrees of soul-sucking that happen in corporate life and it’s not all bad, but I often found myself wondering if there was a better way to be successful – to have it all.

And then I decided it was really a great time to take this leap of faith….

It was around the time I was first promoted to management that I had an epiphany – I no longer loved what I was doing. I intially enjoyed the thrill of being a part of something greater than myself and the recognition of good work, but at what cost. I had spent the last year travelling, presenting new ideas, participating in corporate strategy sessions and working nights and weekends to make deadlines. I still hadn’t hit the 6-figure mark. The path ahead wasn’t looking as rosy as I initially thought. My son was growing before my eyes and had just turned 6 years old…there was so many times the stress of work had impacted my ability to be the kind of mother I desired to be. I had to make a change.

Jessica Rice

And that’s when I had a brain wave & decided to do this…

Around this same time, things in my marriage were struggling. My career had taken hold of my life and the most important people got the bit of me that was left over. I decided to enroll in a coaching program to help me center and ground myself and see if I could find a way through the fog. Amazing things started to happen for me both personally and professionally. I saw a shift in my marriage and started looking at my options with new intentions and fervor. I greatly enjoyed leading my team and helping them to grow, but I knew I wanted to do something more impactful. I wanted to blend my whole self together and bring together my greatest passions for helping women with my background in design, development, and leadership. I realized that coaching was my passion and purpose…it helped me to deliver my WHY.

After doing all that, I achieved this…

It’s all true!

01I healed through spritual coaching and became certified as a healing practitioner in breathwork and aromatherapy.Β 

02I decided to dive into corporate coaching and learned from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

03I began coaching as a contracted executive coach while continuing to work in my corporate job and homeschooling my son.Β 

04 I started working with other women who had similar aspirations to realize their own passions and create their personal legacy.Β 

Jessica Rice
Champagne brunch

& that’s my story

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