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Legacy Launch Method™

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The Legacy Launch Method™ is a bespoke approach for helping ambitious women uncover their hidden genius and align their passions, expertise, and purpose. This method allows busy professionals to transform their lives and formulate a lucrative business and legacy they love. 

I developed the Legacy Launch Method™ to help visionary leaders take their big ideas and become founders of a thriving company.

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Simplicity that Scales

Breaking down complexity to simplicity


Break down your product or services ideas into tangible concepts and understand market research to help bring your dreams to life.


Create and market your business like a true professional. Build your brand, create a business plan, and develop a roadmap for your future.


Automate and streamline your processes to help you run your business so that it operates smoothly and efficiently.

Tired of living someone elses dream?

It’s time to claim your future

01You have worked hard to get where you are in your career, but your passion has diminished.

02You feel like your only options are to stay where you are or compete to advance.

03You feel the need to do something more significant with this next chapter.

04You long for more time and freedom to spend on your passions.

05You feel like life is slipping by and you are missing the finer moments.

I felt the exact same way…

My career had been a series of decisions chasing the next big promotion, feeling of value, and desire to do something impactful. I entered my first job following my degree with wide eyes and big hopes. I thought I was living my dream – incorporating my love of art into design and development and being paid for it! I quickly found out that they didn’t pay designers much (at least starting out) and definitely not while working for the government.

I also discovered a stigma with designers and developers. At that time UI/UX design was just taking off and Frontend development didn’t exist. I had learned how to design on the frontend, but continually felt the underhanded comments from developers and wanted to prove that I could do more…and was worth more.

By the time I reached management and leadership levels, I had experienced degrees of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed. I had started missing time with my son and was longing to be in greater control of my life and the direction I was headed. I wanted to get off the train of moving to the next corporate tier and find greater balance and meaning in my work and life.

Does this resonate with you? Then, read on. I have loads of awesome things to tell you!

That is when I got the bug…the entrepreneurial spark to to find another way. I also fell into coaching – first for myself and then as a way to fulfill my inner passions and desires. It was as if I had been waiting my entire life to find this purpose.

So I dove in head first into learning everthing I could about starting an online business, blending my marketing, design, and development background, coaching and gaining certifications, and still keep my corporate job while I continued exploring. That’s right…I didn’t quit my job. It was funding my new education program. I redirected my attention, found gaaps of time, and learned principles for maximizing time and efficiency.

Then the pandemic hit. I was faced with an even greater purpose…helping my son. This whole time I had thought we were doing the right thing putting in preparatory school. Virtual classrooms were a window into why my son was falling behind…he was struggling in that environment. It wasn’t made for his active or dyslexic mind. So, I made the most difficult decision ever…I pulled him from schol and created our own homeschool.

Yes…while starting my busines and holding my corporate job.

I hope you are hearing this message and realizing that if I can do all of this…then you can pursue your dreams, too. The only thing that is holding you back is key knowledge and mindset.

Have I got your attention? Good.


1-2-3 easy peasy steps

Go from Dreaming

to finally Doing!

Feel at ease with knowledge at your fingertips in a single location.

Feel in control of your future as you plan out your next move and set short & long term goals.

Master your mindest to breakthrough imposter syndrome and know your worth.

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Rituals for Success

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Rituals for Success is a mini-course that will help you unpack some of the blocks that arise from having to create when under pressure. We will cover exercises for unlocking creativity and strategies for outlining your creative process.

  • Breathwork & Visualization
  • Cultivating Creativity
  • Energizing the Mind
  • Creating YOUR Success Rhythym

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