Rise up in your life & leadership

Discover and innnovate your thought leadership
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Rise up in your life & leadership

Discover and innovate your thought leadership
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I’ve been where you are!

Are you struggling to find meaning in your leadership?

(I know a thing or two about that!)


Unleash your greatest insights & opportunities with bespoke coaching around your greatest strengths, expertise, and experiences that make you unique.


Create a compelling brand for your career, rise up as a thought leader in your industry by gaining the skills necessary to influence, negotiate, and create an impact.


Transform your life through mindset and personal resilience, understanding your mental blocks and discovering the keys to unlock your brain’s superpowers

Welcome to Jessica Rice Coaching, where I guide ambitious leaders to discover their authentic selves and elevate their thought leadership and purpose. I’m Jessica Rice, known as The Vision Evolution Coach, an ICF-certified expert committed to empowering leaders and fostering cultures of change and innovation within organizations.

With over 15 years of experience in technology, design, and innovation, I blend my corporate journey with a deep passion for neuroscience, holistic wellness, and cultivating compassionate teams. Through collaborations with industry giants like PayPal and Uber, I’ve driven transformative results for my esteemed clients.

Drawing on a diverse range of coaching methodologies, I’ve helped individuals secure leadership roles, refine their authentic presence, and successfully launch ventures aligned with their inner drive and expertise. At Jessica Rice Coaching, I’m here to propel you from ground zero to lift-off, ensuring a seamless path to success.

Unleash your true potential with me. Ready to soar to greater heights? Schedule a discovery call today to unlock your leadership prowess, embark on a transformative journey encompassing personal branding, team development, and organizational growth. Together, let’s ignite your path to unparalleled success and realize your vision for a thriving future.

Have I got your attention yet? Then allow me to introduce myself.

A few reasons to work with me…

ICF ACC Assoicate Certified Coach Badge
ICF Member Badge
HeartMath Certified Mentor
Positive Intelligence
PrinciplesYou Certified Coach
Acclerated Coaching Excellence (ACE) Certified Coach
Certifed Breakthrough Coach

Leader to Legacy

Empower your life and create your legacy.

 Launch your legacy and take your big ideas to the next level using my Legacy Launch Method™.

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Why you should work with me:

It’s all true!

01I understand the struggle of balancing career, family, and having big dreams.

02I have experience working with driven leaders to hone their expertise and uplevel their impact.

03I am passionate about living your best life and helping others do the same.

04My coaching style is a holistic blend of leadership, mindset, and transformation.

05 I bring a design, development, research, and corporate strategy background.

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Katie, The Graceful Athlete

Helped my Vision Come to Life!

“From the very beginning Jessica was there to show me how my ideas were just one good design away to making my vision come to life. Now I have a growing fitness coaching business where I am in control of my production, schedule and salary. The best part is I have learned how to manage, monitor and build my business from the inside out.

Working with Jessica has instilled an awareness and a confidence in me that I didn’t even know I had! In addition to my gorgeous website, my favorite thing working with Jessica has been her coaching style. She puts the client first by listening and asking good open-ended questions. She then takes that information and presents options for me to choose “how” I wish to execute my master game plan. This strategy has proven to be very effective for me as I have learned to be the driver of my own success. Thank you Jessica!“

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Katie Arostegui, The Graceful Athlete

The Reviews

The Graceful Athlete

Amanda said:

Created space for deeper exploration

Jessica provided a very safe space allowing for deeper exploration of my limiting beliefs and values resulting in multiple shifts in my perspective and actions towards my overall goals. Jessica’s curiosity helped me increase my awareness and create a better understanding of how my patterns were serving or not serving my goals and intentions. Working with Jessica allowed me to take many actions towards my goals creating significant momentum that will be a foundation for growing business.

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The Reviews

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Trudy said:

Breakthrough to my passion work!

Through Jessica’s insightful questions and her genuine desire to help, she creates a safe space toward discovery of self and purpose. I was able to uncover some remarkable possibilities and break-throughs on moving toward my passion-work. I realized I was standing in my own way with some limited thinking, created by some experiences of the past. This thought process no longer serves me and is really no longer true for today. There were some epiphanies that still resonate deeply within, and I have some palpable tools I now use to move forward. I’m so thankful for these sessions with Jessica, and am very excited for my future.

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The Reviews

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