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Empower your life and create your legacy.

 Launch your legacy and take your big ideas to the next level using my Legacy Launch Method™

Vision Creators Community

the Formula

Guaranteed to see you thrive

This is not a course, it is a formula. Together we dive into your aspirations, goals, and passions and through market research, business planning, and brand strategy you create your business.

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1:1 Vision Coaching

Recieve customized 1:1 coaching to strategize your unique plan, determine personal roadblocks, and create an outline for your business.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Research & Development

Learn tips for researching and developing your product roadmap -whether a product or a service you will understand how to treat your business as a corporation.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service sells itself.” – Peter Drucker

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Clip board with brand strategy.

Brand Strategy

Developing a brand is about understanding who you are, so that your customer knows who you are without being told. Branding is the culmination of your offer, message, vision, and goals articulated both visually and through storytelling.

”Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” -Jonah Sachs


Group Coaching

Learning together enables us to learn from our shared experiences. You are not alone in exploring your passions and with every question comes a new opportunity for growth.

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Tools & Systems

While research, branding, and marketing are the key to understanding your business, systems, tools, and processes are the key to growing your business. Master both and you have a scalable business.

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.” – W. Edwards 

Curious to know more?

Read about the

 Legacy Launch Method

my BIG Why for creating it.

What you need to succeed

1-2-3 easy peasy steps

Go from Dreaming

to finally Doing!

Feel at ease with knowledge at your fingertips in a single location.

Feel in control of your future as you plan out your next move and set short & long term goals.

Master your mindest to breakthrough imposter syndrome and know your worth.

the Good Stuff

Mind, tools, + Strategy

Coaching and a whole lot more. A holistic view to building your business that incorporates everything you need to launch your business and be successful.

Private Community

Private Community

Access to the Vision Creators Community, your one-stop shop for all calls and content. Available on desktop and as a mobile app for easy access.

Goal Setting Tools

Goal Setting & Planning

Goal setting and planning is essential for your business to grow and operate with direction and purpose.

Systems Training

Systems Training 

All businesses require systems – get a head start on knowing which tools you need to get started and which you can add as you scale your operations. 



Weekly masterminds to boost your mindset, business acumen, and ability to breakthrough limitations. Running a successful business is 98% mindset.

Business Templates

Business Templates

Of course, we are going to provide you with the necessary goods! Simply take our templates and put them to use.

Brand Templates

Personal Brand Package

It’s one thing to teach on branding, it’s another to give you the tools to make it happen. Get my custom templates and tips for creating a brand that inspires.

Create your Ultimate Business

Legacy Level Support

Launch and Scale Your Business

01Weekly calls to help you stay on track and continually keeping your mindset in check..

02Community access that is off social media and provides a distraction free and supportive space for all your needs.

03Lists of tools and systems to help you streamline your processes and launch with ease.

04Access to brand templates and a continuing growing library of support resources.

05Online support to help you navigate challenges.

Program Bonuses

Archetype Assessment + Review

Personality assessment and leveraging PrinciplesYou with personal results session.

Vision Strategy Session

Personal strategy session to go over your personal vision and develop custom roadmap to achieve your goals.

Rituals for Success

The perfect mini-course to get you started on pursuing your purpose and creating your dreams. This is not just about creating a morning routine for yourself – it is about crafting a  new outlook to your day. Tap into your creativity, develop routines for success, and free your mind from clutter. Set your growth up for success.

We are going to be

best friends

I really hope so!

I’m Jessica.

I’m your coach & Program Founder

A little bit about me

It took me 5 years to perfect juggling a corporate career, taking care of my son, and growing my coaching practice and online business. I bring 15+ years of experience working in digital marketing and branding, UX design and software development, and corporate leadership training to my coaching clients.

As an ICF certified coach, I have trained from some of the best in the industry and have helped both men and women grow their corporate careers and launch new ventures that incorporate their inner drive, passions, and expertise. I am passionate about finding the intersections of technology, business, and mindset and bring my experience in Positive Intelligence, Red Team Thinking, HeartMath and certification in PositiveYou assessments that incorporates personality traits, archetypes, and cognitive biases to business development, brand strategy and marketing.

the Frequently asked Q's

Your burning questions answered so that you can make an informed decision on your future and your business.

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How do I access the calls?

The calls will be live via Zoom and Live Stream within the private group, as well as recordings.

Will there be other platforms to access material?

Event notifications, related materials, and recordings will be emailed to you, along with additional content within the private group.

Will I receive technical support?

We will do our best to assist with any technical issues related to the Zoom calls and group.

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Is Facebook required?

It isn't required to use Facebook, if you are okay with accessing Zoom or watching the recordings later.

How will I be notified of events?

There will be a Q&A call where you can ask questions via chat and have them answered.

How long will the content be available?

The group will be stay live for one week following the event to allow time to catch up on any missed calls.

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Rituals for Success

Sign up today, you get this absolutely   gratis!

You are going to want this!

Rituals for Success is a mini-course that will help you unpack some of the blocks that arise from having to create when under pressure. We will cover exercises for unlocking creativity and strategies for outlining your creative process.

  • Breathwork & Visualization
  • Cultivating Creativity
  • Energizing the Mind
  • Creating YOUR Success Rhythym

the Legacy to Launch Program

  Your purpose is idea is unique, so work with someone who understands the intersection between your passions and profession.

* Available in single purchase or as payment plans.

Leader to Leagacy

Grow your ideas and scale your career/business.

Personal branding and business basics to let your vision take flight.

Community support to help you grow while you expand your knowledge.


Archetype Assessment + Review. 

Vision Strategy Sesssion. 

Rituals for Succcess mini-course.

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It's not always simple to make your mark and lead in a way that feels genuine.


This is why I wanted to gift you with a complimentary 1:1 strategy call where you can walk away with real insights as to how you can lead with authentic impact and purpose.

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